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Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala, daughter arrested over his leaked nudes

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala were on Monday arrested hours after jetting in from Dubai for allegedly leaking singer Harmonize’s nudes and private chats to the public.

According to local media reports, the mother and daughter were taken to the Central police station in Dar es Salaam for interrogation over the leaked nudes of Kajala’s singer ex.

This arrest comes just days after his bitter rival Rayvanny released intimate Whatsapp private chats in which he shared nudes with Kajala’s daughter, Paula.

Rayvanny exposed Harmonize over what he termed as seducing and sending nudes to her at a time he was dating her mother.

The arrest comes days after the Tanzanian regulatory body, Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (Basata), was forced to intervene to end the wrangle between Rayvanny and ‘Konde Boy’.

Basata asked the two top Bongo singers to refrain from using abusive words on each other and instead focus on making good music or face the full force of the law.

This is after Harmonize had vowed to seek legal redress over the same, dragging Rayvanny, Baba Levo, and others to Court.

Last week, Harmonize threatened to sue every person who, according to him, contributed to the spread of the nude photos, which he later claimed to have been photoshopped.


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In a long post on Instagram, Rayvanny said that it was shocking to see Harmonize seduce the young Paula just weeks after he lectured him for having an affair with her.

He added that it was shameful for the Konde Gang president to want to date Kajala and her daughter at the same time.

“Unataka kua na mama na mtoto…na Unatuma hadi utupu wako bila hata kuogopa,” Rayvanny said in his long leak on Instagram.

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In February, Harmonize’s new girlfriend Kajala accused Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto and singer Rayvanny of allegedly getting her student daughter Paula drunk and recording her.

In a video clip that was widely shared on social media, which has angered many Tanzanians, Rayvanny could be seen kissing the 18-year-old Paula.