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Harmonize’s ex Wolper defends hubby over claims of siring child outside wedlock

By Rajab Zawadi February 14th, 2023 2 min read

While Bongo flava singer Harmonize opts to stay single having been dumped, his ex-girlfriend actress Jacqueline Wolper on her part is having to deal with news that her husband Rich Mtindo has a kid outside wedlock.

Rich Mtindo and Wolper wedded November last year at a lavish ceremony in 2017 after she parted ways with Harmonize with both accusing each other of infidelity.

A year before, Wolper had been in a relationship with Mtindo but the two broke up with the actress confessing she was the one to blame.

“We started seeing each other in 2016, I wronged him and we went our separate ways. But he never resented me. After getting into several relationships, we met again in 2020 when both of us were single,” Wolper said.

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Since then they have been together with the union bringing forth two children.

However, recently Tanzanian blogs have been awash with reports that Mtindo has another child with a different woman. The child in question is believed to have been sired while Mtindo was dating the bongo movie actress.

Jacqueline Wolper on her wedding day. PHOTO | COURTESY

But Wolper has said she knows nothing about her husband siring a child with another woman.

“Regarding the issue of a third child with someone else, I can’t speak on that because I know nothing about. Besides, a child is innocent. He is a man, if he gave me two kids, what can stop him from having a third” Wolper explained, while insisting that will wait for her husband’s side of the story.

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“If there is a child out there it will be revealed soon, but I must say as a married woman that is an issue I can’t comment much on because I know the pain of bringing forth a child.”

Pressed further on her decision should the reports turn out to be true, Wolper bluffed.

“I won’t make decisions on issues my husband hasn’t spoken to me about, neither will I waste my time asking. If the day comes and he feels I need to know something then that when I will let you guys know what I will have decided.”

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