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Harmonize’s Italian ex-wife not ready to forgive him for cheating

By Naira Habib January 14th, 2021 1 min read

It seems Tanzanian singer Harmonize’s Italian girlfriend is not keen on mending ways with the Bongo star, if her current social media post is anything to go by.

Sarah Michelotti wrote on her Instagram page that it was a waste of time trying to fix the past, because the past is already gone.

“Don’t waste your time trying to fix your past … Because your past is already gone,” said Michelotti.

She is reported to have parted ways with her Tanzanian beau after the former came out to reveal that he had sired a daughter with another woman.

Harmonize explained that in the beginning he was compelled to hide Zulekha (his daughter) for fear of being criticised.

In addition, he said he could also not visit her when she was sick for fear of jeopardizing his relationship with her then girlfriend Michelotti.

She at the time responded to Harmonize’s confession with a message suggesting that she was leaving him.

In her post, she claimed that she passed through a lot of things in their relationship and marriage accusing the singer of being a two-faced liar.

She finished off by saying that she would focus on herself.


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