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Has gospel group MOG finally broken up?

Gospel group MOG has been experiencing tension in the recent past, sources close to the group have told Nairobi News.

Early last year, Tony, a member of the original three-man-group was kicked out by the other members, Kenty and Boss.

They claimed he was just riding on the groups name and fame, with very little input into the group.

Recent development indicate that the two remaining members are currently working on solo projects, stoking suggestion that the group could be no more.

“Yes, I have recorded several solo songs, which I will start releasing soon,” said Boss. “However, it does not necessarily mean that the MOG has broken up. People in groups are allowed to do solo projects these days.”

According to their close friends, both Boss and Kenty have been spending a lot of time apart, compared to before when they used to even show up at events together.

During the Groove awards nominations party held at the Arboretum three weeks ago, the two attended the event separately and did not sit together.