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Has Rayvanny been dumped? Or is it just another publicity stunt?

By Keshi Ndirangu November 25th, 2019 1 min read

Tanzania singer Rayvanny appears to have been dumped by his wife, Fahy Vanny, if the screenshots of messages making rounds on social media are anything to go by.

Rayvanny also posted on Instagram screenshots of the messages he received from his wife who threatened to walk out of their marriage.


In the text messages, Fahy Vanny she says she is fed up with the marriage and the singer should forget about her and their son Jaydan.

She also says she will fight to raise their child and that she isn’t desperate for child support from the musician.

“Esabu mm na Jay ama jay amefariki kwenye maisha yako. I will fight na nitashinda. Sitakosa pesa ya kula. Ila mm na Jay esabu kuwa tumekufa kwenye maisha yako, ” read the messages.

In his post, Rayvanny says his wife has been desiring a life which he thought would not be of any benefit to her.

He, however, says he wishes her the best in life and that he still loves his family.


“Nimekua Nakuheshimu miaka tuliokua pamoja kuna mengi tumekoseana na tumesameheana na most of the time umekua ukitamani maisha ambayo kila siku nakwambia hayatakusaidia. Nakuheshimu na naishemu sana familia yangu. Ikiwa umeamua mwenyewe kiondoa I won’t blame you. Still love my family. Nakutakia Maisha Mema,” Rayvanny posted.

It is clear from the Tetema hitmaker’s post that the couple has been going through a rough time in their marriage.

Some of his fans have however dismissed it all as a publicity stunt.

We will just have to wait and see.