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Has Vera Sidika snatched Huddah Monroe’s BFF?

December 18th, 2015 1 min read


Socialite Vera Sidika could have just staged a major coup on her bitter rival Huddah Monroe by snatching the latter’s BFF Zari Hassan.

On Thursday night Vera was pictured alongside Zari during the Ugandan socialite’s “All white party” in Kampala, where Huddah was conspicuously missing.

In place of Huddah, who has of late been close with Zari, was Vera, who arrived in Kampala several days before the party went down.

Huddah, on her part, seemed to have been “plotless” as her last updates on Instagram showed her enjoying a steam bath and in a Jacuzzi at Nairobi’s Kempinski Hotel.


Socialites are always in competition for wealthy sponsors and to attend most lavish parties. The two Kenyan socialites have never been friends as their verbal wars on Instagram clearly suggest.

On Thursday, Huddah posted, “Too many of us become jealous when our friends do well. We should be happy when our friends succeed. Life is a journey, not a competition…  I’m jealous of this Jacuzzi tho, it gets a chance to have me!”

Two hours later, Vera responded by saying: “Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you… always remember this!”

Huddah and Vera have in the past accused each other of all manner of things, the latest being a nude photo leaked on Huddah’s account that she later accused Vera of using to expose her indecently. However, Vera distanced herself from the claims.