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Has Zari really dumped Diamond Platnumz? Big sister speaks on ‘reunion’ rumours

By THOMAS MATIKO February 24th, 2018 1 min read

Has Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan truly dumped her Tanzanian musician husband Diamond Platnumz?

Or was it just a publicity stunt?

Those have been the speculations that have filled the entertainment corridors of bongo land for the last ten days since the socialite announced her divorce with Diamond in a Valentine’s Day post on Instagram.

No Diamond’s elder sister, Esma Platinumz seems to have confirmed rumors that the ‘break up’ was part of a marketing gimmick!


According to several sources and entertainment blogs in Tanzania, Zari’s divorce announcement could have been part of a publicity stunt to help Diamond sell his forth coming album ‘A Boy From Tandale’.

Diamond has been postponing the dates of the album’s release giving all sort manners of excuses.

But it is believed he has been strategizing on how to make huge sells as soon as he drops it.

Diamond has never publicly addressed the divorce, but has instead been heavily using his social media platforms to make jokes out of the situation.

Interestingly, his fellow musician and close friend Harmonize has also been doing the same with video uploads mocking his boss about the divorce.

In a recent interview, Diamond’s sister Esma Platinumz was asked if she has confronted his younger brother over the break up.


Her response was that the two are still together.

“Kuna vitu vingine havikuhusu wewe vya kwao kama hivyo unaviaacha wata discuss wenyewe sisi tutabaki kuangalia. Mimi naona wako pamoja sijui kama wameachana, ninachojua mimi ni kwamba wako pamoja. Hivyo tu mengine sijui” Esma is quoted.

Esma and Diamond share a mother but were born with different fathers.

His other elder sister is Queen Darling, a musician signed to his recording label Wasafi Classic Baby.

Queen Darling and Diamond share a father.