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Why Hassan Omar is being called the new Vera Sidika (he doesn’t like it)

Politics is a dirty and former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar knows it.

His defection to Jubilee Party has seemingly opened the doors for all manner of insults from his previous political allies, and more is on the way.

The latest obsession of his detractors is his body shape, specifically his backside. He is now being compared to city socialite Vera Sidika.

Well, he is not shying away from the personal attacks and this week he appeared at a political show where he addressed the matter head on.


During an appearance on political talk show Jeff Koinange Live, he blasted unnamed leaders in ODM who seem all too keen to paint him negatively in the wake of his defection from Wiper party.

“Jeff, I was warned that some people will use any means to attack me when I moved from Nasa. Someone took a picture of me and they decided to attack me,” Mr Omar told Jeff Koinange.

“(It all started when) some women spoke about my butt at a public rally the other day,” he explained.

“This (incident) confirms my perception that there is no issue based politics on this platform called Nasa. You could see (at the rally) Mudavadi was laughing like a 15 year-old. They are simply trying to humiliate me because I have a different opinion.”

Here is a sample of the jibes thrown at Mr Omar on social media.