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Hate money and it will duck you

Everyone is bound to be rich, be adequately compensated and prosper. But for a number of reasons that does not always happen to some.

One of them is that they are silently or openly condemning money.

Most people refer to money as “filthy lucre”. Or  borrowing from the Bible: “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

People have a sneaky, subconscious feeling that there is some virtue in poverty,  but the truth is that it is a disease like any mental disease.

God does not want you to live in a hovel or go hungry but wants you to be happy, prosperous and be successful.


If you regard money as being filthy, you cause it to ‘get wings and fly away’. You lose what you condemn.

For instance, if  you found gold, silver, lead, copper or iron in the ground, would you say they are evil?

God called all things good. Evil comes from man’s darkened understanding and false interpretation of life.

The perception that people kill or steal for money and even associate it with crime does not make it evil. It is misuse of money.

Secondly, you do not have money  because of your attitude.

Know, believe and act on the positive assumption that there is no reason why you cannot have, be and do whatever you wish to accomplish through the great laws of God.


Being susceptible to your friends’ hypnotic spell —that you are bound to fail— will only instill fear or failure in you.

Thirdly, you fail to prosper because you are envious of  your’s friend’s success.

Thinking negatively of other people and condemning their wealth, causes the prosperity you so much yearn for to vanish. This is like condemning the things you are praying for.

For instance, if you go to the bank and see your competitor  depositing money 20 times more than you, rejoice and be glad to see God’s abundance being manifested through one of his sons.

My theory is that what you bless, you multiply and what you condemn, you lose.

Fourthly, know that you are always “poor” and  therefore have a desire for prosperity as sated in the Bible saying that God’s riches are yours; accept this promise without any reservation.

You are also poor because no matter how wise you are, you are seeking more wisdom and so you are still poor.

The journey

No matter how intelligent you are as a mathematician, physicist or astronaut, you are only scratching the surface. You are still poor. The journey is ever onward, upward and ‘Godward’.

Through your poor state, you find the urge to grow, to expand, to unfold, to achieve and accomplish your desire.