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Have mercy on us! Oyster Club workers plead with Sakaja

The closure of Oyster Club, a popular fast food and entertainment joint in Kilimani Estate, Nairobi, has left its over 300 workers jobless.

The establishment was closed by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) over noise pollution complaints from residents of the area.

Tens of the workers, including a woman who threw herself on the ground in despair, pleaded for forgiveness from the county government. “Haki mtuhurumie, tutaenda wapi? (Have mercy on us, where will we go?)” she posed.

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In a letter sent to the management of the joint, NEMA cited several complaints about the noise from the establishment, which was said to have been interfering with the comfort, health, and safety of residents of Kilimani.

“There have been numerous complaints on noise pollution from the residents of Kilimani where you are located caused by extreme loud music from your facility that interferes with their comfort, repose health and safety,” read part of the letter.

The management was accused of starting a business without meeting the required standards.

The environmental watchdog gave the joint time to meet the required standards before it could reopen.

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Governor Johnson Sakaja has been cracking down on entertainment joints that do not adhere to noise pollution regulations since mid-December. Most clubs in residential areas have had their licenses cancelled.

Governor Sakaja said he made the decision to address the complaints he received from members of the public. The governor ordered that clubs should stop playing loud music at 10 pm.

The closure of the Oyster Club has left many workers without a source of income. They now plead with Governor Sakaja to help them reopen the establishment.

The club has been a favorite spot for many who enjoy its entertainment and fast food.

The closure of the establishment over noise pollution has brought to the fore the need for entertainment joints to adhere to the required operating standards.

It is not only a requirement by law but also shows that establishments care about their patrons and the environment.

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