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Lawyer Havi, ODPP courtroom argument spills over to Twitter

Lawyer Nelson Havi and the Office of Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) on Thursday extended their courtroom arguments to Twitter shortly after Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu’s hearing in court.

The ODPP, through its official Twitter handle, had written that Havi was reprimanded in court for online attacks against the office.

“Court reprimands lawyer Nelson Havi for attacking the DPP on social media without facts or evidence. The 5-Judge Bench reprimanded Havi for accusing DPP of paying bloggers to spread false information about DCJ Philomena Mwilu,” the ODPP tweeted.

Havi quickly responded accusing the ODPP of spreading propaganda.

“Your request to the Court was intended to coerce me to withdraw my tweets. The Court rejected your request. Stop spreading propaganda, the world is alive to it,” the lawyer replied in a tweet.


ODPP went on to challenge Havi with a reply that read: “Do you deny that you were reprimanded by the Honorable Court (today) in respect of your offensive and inaccurate tweet dated 26th March 2019 referring to the DPP? Kindly restrict your answer to YES or NO.”

The Twitter spat by the two account holders did not however amuse some of the users.

“Confine your arguments within the court room,” Kerry Indiazi Adaka retorted.

“Cases are won in courtrooms not in social media,” Victor Ezra commented.

“Wait a minute, is this an ‘independent’ institution engaging in social media rants?” Leaning Counsel questioned.