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HDR-OLED TV, to define the future of television

When was the last time you complained about your OLED TV? Not sharp enough or lacking that color depth?

No, probably not, but that’s not stopping TV manufacturers  from coming up with new cutting edge technologies that might entice you to upgrade.

No doubt many people will be wondering when manufacturers will be launching HDR OLED TV to get the best out of its new displays.

Well, the good news is that LG are leading the pack with plans to ensure that HDR OLED TV becomes a reality and make TV experience more perfect.

The upgrade of the current OLED with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology will ensure images that have more clarity than any other imaging technology that has ever existed, with an infinite contrast ratio.


This will make the HDR OLED TV bring with them a greater sense of reality that will revolutionize the definition of image quality.

HDR OLED TV is expected to make a real impact when they launch considering that HDR is all about luminosity and its ability to display a wide range of colors in between the deepest blacks and brightest whites to produce perfect black/perfect white displays.

The upgrading of the OLED with HDR Technology also paves the way for higher video dynamic range which can add a real “sparkle” to the image and somehow makes the pictures appear more colorful as richer, deeper saturations combine with more nuanced tonal shifts and blends.

HDR will therefore, allow delivery of the full suite of enhancements that are important to the success of HDR OLED TV With a far more immersive visual experience.

So for LG as a leading home entertainment manufacturer, HDR OLED TV is about a range of improvements that together will deliver a much more lifelike experience in the home as well a future-proof TV for the generations to come.

So what will the next TV you buy look like? If only the future were as clear as the picture on an innovative HDR OLED TV.