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He couldn’t get to a church! Nadia Nakai relives final moments of AKA

In a deeply emotional interview on the L-Tido podcast, South African rapper Nadia Nakai opens up about the painful memories of the day her boyfriend, renowned rapper AKA, was fatally shot.

The tragic incident continues to haunt her as she reflects on their last conversation before his untimely demise.

While Nadia was performing at an event, she received a call from AKA just ten minutes before the unimaginable happened.

Recounting their conversation, she shares, “He called me in the greatest of spirits, and he told me that the boys and he were going to the hotel to change and would head to the club.”

Little did she know that this would be their final interaction.

In a gut-wrenching turn of events, a friend broke the devastating news to Nadia about the shooting of her boyfriend.

The reality didn’t immediately sink in for her.

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She recalls, “It didn’t register that it was fatal. What do you mean shot? I literally ran out of that venue. We got in the car and raced to Durban.”

Before the tragedy, AKA had expressed his desire to attend church. Nadia shares their failed attempt to reach the church, saying, “We tried to access all roads leading there, but they were closed. We stopped at a casino, where we prayed and read scripture. He had been a believer in God for a long time, but I feel that as the end neared, he was drawing even closer to God. I have no doubt about where he is now.”

While coping with immense grief, Nakai found solace in the support of her family and fans. She expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support she received during such a challenging time.

Additionally, she had to take measures to strengthen her security, emphasizing that she is still adjusting to life without AKA by her side.

Kiernan Forbes, widely known as AKA, tragically lost his life on February 10, 2023, outside Wish Restaurant in Durban.

About a week after his passing, he was laid to rest during a private burial ceremony at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg, leaving behind a void that continues to impact those who loved him dearly.

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