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‘He left with a lot of anger,’ Inside Vivianne and Sam West’s breakup

Kenyan songstress Vivianne has laid bare the gritty details of her tumultuous marriage with prominent businessman and content creator Sam West.

In an interview on Iko Nini podcast with Mwafreeka, the mother of one revealed her doubts and reservations about their whirlwind romance.

Vivianne candidly confessed that she wasn’t adequately prepared for the institution of marriage when her relationship with Sam began.

She stressed the crucial need for both partners to be in harmony regarding the decision to settle down. Vivianne had significant hesitations about taking that significant step, believing that there were essential aspects of their relationship that demanded exploration and understanding.

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She disclosed, “I had communicated my concerns to him early on because a friend had given me a heads up, but I strongly felt that there were numerous uncharted territories in our relationship. We needed to know each other better and be on the same page. It felt like there were so many conversations left unspoken.”

Vivianne went on to reveal that her hasty decision was partially fueled by societal expectations and pressure from close friends and family. She expressed regret for succumbing to these external influences rather than following her inner voice and instincts.

A section of netizens believe that the couple’s reluctance to discuss vital matters contributed to their marriage’s downfall. Vivianne emphasized the importance of addressing issues openly and honestly, a message that resonates with those who advocate for healthy communication as the cornerstone of a successful marriage.

Sam West is yet to publicly respond to Vivianne’s revelations, however, the silence from his end has intensified speculation about what his perspective might be and whether he will address the issues she has raised.

Some have questioned whether his silence is indicative of a larger issue of male dominance and lack of emotional expression in relationships, adding another layer to the controversy.

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This interview has unleashed a storm of opinions on social media, with some praising Vivianne for her courage in speaking out, while others criticize her for airing her personal grievances in public.

The renowned singer also confessed that they had already started their intimacy, yet she believed there were many unresolved discussions.

“We were living in different counties and would stay in each other’s house whenever we visited each other. Things were still getting in position,” she said.

She expressed feeling somewhat hijacked due to her celebrity status, explaining that being in the limelight often puts undue pressure on relationships.

“When you are a female and you’re in the limelight, our men have this thing, like a hijacking. It’s like if I don’t get this chick now someone else is going to get her. You look like the prize. Who is going to get you first? I feel that was part of it, but then naiangalia tuu kama shule,” she explained.

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Sam and Vivianne have been living separately for nearly two years now.

Reflecting on the past, she acknowledged that Sam eventually decided to end their relationship. She recognized that she could not fulfill certain expectations he had, and in some ways, she stopped being his ideal woman.

“He left with a lot of anger. And I think it’s because maybe some of his expectations were not met. Just who he wanted me to be. When he left initially I felt like he just needed some time. But I think of a time aka realise maybe he just needed to explore himself further. The biggest challenge is expecting someone to be something they are not. At some point, I stopped being his ideal woman,” she said.