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He puts other men to shame – Natalie Tewa celebrates engagement

By Winnie Mabel February 12th, 2023 2 min read

The popular lifestyle influencer, Natalie Tewa shocked her fans and followers with the news of her engagement.

Despite keeping her private life under wraps, the fashion and travel content creator couldn’t hold back her excitement as she revealed her exciting news to the world.

She shared a photo of her and the new man with the lovely lyrics of Steady Love Song by India.Arie Simpson.

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Natalie Tewa. PHOTO | COURTESY

They say, “He puts every other man I’ve ever known to shame (known to shame)I just wanna be with him, talk to him, sleep near him, walk with himBe with him (every day)I wanna be lovers and friends and mother his childrenMake breakfast on Sunday and fight and then make up again‘Cause if life’s gonna be crazy anywayI wanna do it with him.”

According to Natalie, she was caught completely off guard by her partner’s proposal and was overjoyed when he popped the question. She shared that her partner had kept the engagement a complete secret, making the surprise even more special.

“In the spirit of love, I’ve got some news. I said ‘Yes’!” adding, “I did the damn thing. I was caught verry very unaware. He hid this from me, very well.”

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YouTuber Natalie “Tewa” Wanjiru. PHOTO | COURTESY

She went on to- for the first time- openly post who, the man in her life is, and shared a barrage of photos of the two of them from past dates on her Instagram stories.

“May God bless our union @mbugua4,” continued Tewa.

It remains unknown when Mbugua proposed marriage to Tewa.

And so, who is Mbugua4?

Going by his Instagram profile, his other name is Francis Mugane and he is also a travel, fashion, food and live events influencer. He also dabbles in deejaying.

It would seem that he is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands- and this was one of the places Tewa recently visited and spent a vacation without giving so much as a hint that it was her boyfriend she had gone to visit.

It would also appear that they preferred to keep their relationship low profile because neither of them have photos of each other on their Instagram account until Tewa posted him on her stories.

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Natalie has always been private about her personal life and has explained in the past that she’s learned to be more cautious about what she shares online. She revealed that she’s learned the hard way about the consequences of oversharing and now carefully curates her online presence to avoid harsh criticism.

Natalie Tewa: How to take care of house plants #plants #natalieTewa #howto #nairobinews

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Aside from her content creation career, Natalie is also a passionate farmer, having picked up the skill from her mother who exports herbs and runs an avocado farm. The determined entrepreneur has put her savings into starting her own avocado farm and is happy with the progress so far.

Natalie’s fans eagerly await more details about her engagement, but she’s keeping her private life private for now.

The lifestyle influencer says that her love language is quality time and values thoughtful and kind partners. She’s also not afraid to set boundaries, as she’s previously shared her dislike of men who are too intrusive, which is why she’s happy to have found someone who respects her space.

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