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Headscarf-clad Murkomen bashed on social media

By SYLVANIA AMBANI September 13th, 2018 1 min read

Kenyans on Twitter have bashed Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen after he posted a picture of himself wearing a white headscarf in solidarity with women senators pushing for the two-thirds gender rule in parliament.

Mr Murkomen decided to attend a parliamentary session on Wednesday donning a white headscarf neatly tied on his head.

“In solidarity with our women senators who are raising awareness on the 2/3 Gender rule,” tweeted Mr Murkomen.

This however did not sit well with women on Twitter who felt that the senator was making a mockery of something that is important.

They questioned him on why instead pushing his other male legislator to pass the bill he opted to only wear the scarf.

Here are some of their reactions.

@gatero tweeted, “really??? Wearing headscarf will do little to help, just mobilize fellow male parliamentarians to pass the bill, if at all you are not doing this for clicks.”

@kajonee asked, “I don’t get it … the guys required to make the laws to effect the 2rd gender rule are only raising awareness?”

@MukamiWaEmbu said, “My friend instead of addressing real issues affecting the commons, you are busy cat walking in Parliament.”

@JimMuambi wrote, “This just shows the lack of seriousness in Kenyan politics.”

@lastbone commented, “Our senators are so idle aki. But I guess we have the money to pay them. Some of them have behinds that can’t fit in economy class.”

@NjorogeGera said, “You can as well wear a dress, and vie for women rep.”