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Health Ministry to conduct coronavirus drill on Sunday

The government, through the Ministry of Health, said on Thursday it will carry out a drill on Sunday at the Mbagathi Hospital.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe urged Kenyans not to panic when they hear ambulance sirens as they carry out the drill.

The drill will start at 11am and will simulate a real case scenario of a coronavirus infection in the country and how health officers should respond.

“I do not want when the ambulances start whirling away for people to think that we have a real situation. If you hear sirens along the roads, don’t panic. It’s a drill!” said CS Kagwe.

The announcement comes after a joint parliamentary committee on Health was on Wednesday were left shocked when its chairperson could not get through to the coronavirus call centre after calling the toll free number that has been shared with members of the public.

According to a spatial analysis by experts in population mapping at the University of Southampton, Nairobi is now ranked sixth among African cities whose populations are at high risk of being infected with Covid-19.

Kenya is now regarded as a high-risk country by researchers who have been tracking the spread of the virus based on the number of flights and connections with infected territories.