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Health officials cleverly dodge questions on expenditure – VIDEO

Despite Kenyans expressing outrage over a report on the expenditure of funds received from WHO for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the ministry on Thursday cleverly dodged the issue.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman, during the daily press briefing said that the Ministry’s accounting team and international partners would issue a detailed report in the coming days.

This was in his official statement, which effectively preempted any questions from journalists.

“We are also aware that there have been reports highlighted by various media on a planned Covid-19 expenditure…our accounting team will issue a detailed report soon,” he said.

He added that the matter that was being addressed “even as we speak they have made a statement that they will share.”

This follows outrage from Kenyans after the ministry spent huge sums on tea, snacks and phone airtime for its staff.

An expenditure breakdown of money received from the World Bank used by the ministry has since Wednesday been circulating on social media pages as well as WhatsApp groups, highlighting how the funds have been used.

Notably was the Sh4 million used for “tea and snacks for varied teams” as well as Sh9 million for “printing of travelers forms, quarantine forms and discharge forms,” while the ministry had spent Sh6.5million to acquire printing paper and toners.

A document tabled before the Health Committee of the National Assembly chaired by Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege indicates that Sh1.3 billion spent in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic includes Sh42 million for leasing ambulances, and Sh2 million for mobile airtime.

The expenditure is from the Sh1 billion donated by the World Bank for emergency response, including procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), medicines and setting up of isolation facilities.

Although the approved budget was Sh976.8 million, the Ministry of Health has spent Sh1.3 billion since the outbreak in mid-March, a government document showed.