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Health Union Caucus demands urgent security measures after viral assault clip

The Health Union Caucus has issued a joint statement condemning a recent incident at Port Florence Hospital where individuals were recorded hurling insults at nurses.

In the disturbing video, a man and a woman verbally harassed two nurses at the facility, using inappropriate language.

The woman is seen on camera causing chaos by tossing objects from a nurse’s desk while hurling insults.

At one point, she threatens to involve someone named “Ababu,” while her accomplice contacts another person, urgently requesting their presence due to an alleged emergency.

Harakisha ukuje hapa saa hii, (Hurry up and come here right now,) we have an emergency here!”

The Trade Unions in the health sector have expressed strong disapproval of the violence against a Clinical Officer and a Nurse, emphasizing the detrimental impact on the safety and well-being of healthcare professionals.

The unions highlighted relevant sections of the Health Act, emphasizing the duty of users to adhere to health facility rules and the right of healthcare providers to a safe working environment.

” Health Act provides in section 13(a) that “A user of the health system has the duty, in the Duty of users. absence of any observable incapacity – to adhere to the rules of a health facility when receiving treatment or using the health services provided by the establishment;”

It also gives the healthcare provider the right to 12(1)(b) the right to a safe working environment that minimizes the risk of disease transmission and injury or damage to the health care personnel or to their clients, families or property; and

(b) the right to refuse to treat a user who is physically or verbally abusive or who sexually harasses him or her except in an emergency situation where no alternative health care personnel is available.”

Noting an alarming increase in attacks on health workers, the unions demanded immediate arrest of the assailants, enhanced security protocols, provision of armed security personnel, and urgent implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

“Just the other day, health workers’ in Naivasha level 4 hospital were threatened at gun point. The police appeared 4 hours later.

There are similar cases like the one in Migori and Kisii where assailants were indeed state officers and people who are expected to carry themselves with utmost decorum.

It is concerning that almost all hospitals do not have scanners and anybody can get into the hospital with weapons without forgetting that a number of people seeking attention are mentally unwell.

Health workers are exposed to these criminal acts especially during night duty. The safety of healthcare providers is paramount in ensuring the continuous delivery of quality healthcare services,” the statement further said.

Additionally, the unions announced their intention to petition the Senate for legislative amendments to bolster security measures in health facilities.