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Healthcare worker who tested positive to Covid-19 narrates his experience

A Kenyan clinical officer who has recovered from Covid-19 has shared his trying experience in the past one month.

Austin Oduor, who serves as an Executive Committee member of the Kenya Union of Clinical Officers, and doubles up as the president of the Global Association of Clinical Officers, has also urged the Kenyan government to improve the conditions in both the treatment centres and quarantine facilities.


“I undertook a voluntary Covid-19 test on June 4 and the results turned out positive two days later. My motivation for taking this test was because as a clinical officer, I am a front line worker who is highly exposed to the disease by the nature of my profession,” Oduor said in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

“I have been working at a centre that is close to the Kenya – Tanzania border, a place that has registered several cross border transmission. I was put under quarantine at Macalder Isolation centre in Nyatike, which is about 80km from my workplace. My experience at the centre was worrying and I would wish for the relevant authorities to take action,” said Oduor, who is also an ardent football fan and sports blogger.


“There is need to improve living conditions in this centres through nutrition, sensitisation and sensitisation.”

Oduor has also called for the healthcare function to be reverted to the national government from the counties.

“This will go a long way in offering a coordinated approach towards fighting such a disease. Covid-19 is real, and can be avoided through washing one’s hands thoroughly, cleaning surfaces, avoiding crowded places and seeking medication,” he said.

The government has praised the healthcare workers who have been on the front line of testing and treating Covid-19 patients.