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Healthy digital habits to embrace in 2023

Just like you set your personal goals each year, it is important to also think about how you can enjoy the internet ocean safely.

Applying healthy digital habits is one of the resolutions that should be on your new year’s resolution list.

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As per Kaspersky, these are some of the digital habits you can embrace this year.

1. New Year, new passwords

As you start your year, it is in order to come up with a new unique password.

Ensure you set a password with strong characters that is not easy to guess.

Don’t forget to use different passwords for different accounts.

2. Use VPN to enhance your security

For online security, ensure your device has a virtual private network (VPN) that will secure your connections.

By using this mechanism, you will be safe from online attackers.

3. Transfer documents to a safe place

Always ensure all your documents are stored in a safe place.

You can create a folder on your computer or upload them to a password-protected cloud.

You can also store documents in a password manager app.

4. Learn more about your child’s hobbies and interest on the Internet

It is not easy to control your child especially after they are left alone at home with a smartphone. This is because there is so much content to be consumed online.

Ensure that you know the interest of your child online. This will help you install the right software to monitor them while online.

5. Avoid clicking every advert that pops on your screen.

Cybercriminals may use adverts that contain malware.

When you click such adverts, you put yourself in danger of being attacked online.

Ensure that you are always safe while using your smartphone or while online.

Do not forget that online safety is your responsibility.