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Healthy eating: Moody Awori walks strong at 95

Moody Arthur Awori, affectionately known as Uncle Moody, is defying age and embracing a vibrant life as he celebrates his 95th birthday.

The former Vice President, who served from 2003 to 2008, surprised attendees at the annual general meeting of the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK).

This meeting aimed to elect new members to represent the association for the next three years.

A hush fell over the room at the Desmond Tutu Conference Center as people living with disabilities from across the country gathered.

The surprise intensified when Mr Awori, the founder of the association, entered the room alongside other board members, commanding the full respect of the patrons.

The murmurs and confusion in the room turned to silent awe as it became evident that the former Vice President was not just present but in robust health, navigating the room unassisted at the age of 95.

Mr Awuori took the opportunity to address the members, emphasizing that the association was distinct from political parties and cooperatives.

He highlighted its role in representing the interests of many Kenyans living with disabilities.

“I have never encountered such a large number of non-members participating in our elections. It is admirable that you are interested, but I must clarify that this organization is not political. We are not a business trading for profit, and our purpose is not to serve the general public,” Mr Awuori clarified.

Despite the intentions for the election, it was not held due to concerns about potential interference with its credibility.

Some attendees were not registered, raising fears about the accuracy of the electoral process.

Approximately 1,000 people were present, ready to vote, while the registered members eligible to participate were 260. The board announced that it would communicate a new date for the election in due course.