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‘Heavier than ever’ Lornzie Gatabaki returns to the gym

Kenyan Instagram influencer Lornzie Gatabaki, known for her cocky boldness and lifestyle posts, has made a grand comeback to the gym after seven months of giving birth to her first child, Yahya Legend. 

In a heartfelt Instagram post, she shared her thoughts on her body, motherhood, and the excitement of rekindling her self-care routine.

Lornzie, a former member of the renowned girl group ‘Over 25,’ is no stranger to the spotlight. However, she candidly admits that nothing has prepared her for the transformative journey of becoming a mother.

In her Instagram post, Lornzie reflects on the changes she has experienced, stating, “7 months postpartum, nothing is the same. Not my mind, not my body. Nothing.” 

It’s an honest acknowledgment of the incredible physical and emotional changes that come with motherhood.

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While many new mothers struggle with body image issues, Lornzie’s approach to self-acceptance is nothing short of inspiring. In her Instagram announcement, she shares her newfound perspective: “My support system keeps reminding me that I made a human, and I need to be kinder to myself.”

Her words echo the importance of embracing one’s body, regardless of societal expectations or self-imposed standards.

Lornzie’s return to the gym is not only a physical endeavor but also a celebration of self-care and personal growth. Despite feeling heavier than ever before, Lornzie embraces her gym comeback with enthusiasm.

“I’m looking at my old gym videos and I’m like ‘Damn, I can’t believe I used to think I’m fat!'” she confesses.

This lighthearted perspective reveals her commitment to embracing her body’s natural changes while striving for a healthier lifestyle.

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Understanding the unique challenges faced by mothers who are returning to their fitness routines, Lornzie extends a hand of support to her fellow moms.

In her Instagram post, she invites others to share their progress and struggle.

“Feel free to DM me, let’s share our progress and our struggles!”

Her willingness to connect with others and build a community highlights her genuine desire to uplift and empower women at every stage of their lives.

Lornzie’s immediate goal is to ease back into her fitness routine without putting undue pressure on herself. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and committing to self-care. By sharing her progress and updates with her followers, she hopes to inspire and motivate others on their own fitness journeys.

Lornzie’s return to the gym after the birth of her son, Yahya Legend, is a testament to her unwavering dedication to self-love, body positivity, and personal growth.

Her candidness about the challenges of motherhood and her commitment to a healthier lifestyle serves as an inspiration for her followers and mothers worldwide. 

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