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Heavy traffic as Nairobians turn out for marathon

The annual Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon comes with a prize and a price.

On Sunday motorists paid the price as major exit and entrance roads to the Central Business District were closed for the better part of Sunday morning.

The eleventh edition of the marathon saw ten sections of major roads closed prompting motorist to use alternative routes causing major traffic snarls uncommon on Sundays.

The biggest impact of the closure was felt by motorists using Waiyaki Way to town.

With the road closed near Museum Hill motorist had to detour to Kipande Road causing massive traffic jam from the Museum to the Ngara junction, which also serves as an entrance point to town for vehicles from Thika road.

Motorist could be seen breaking traffic rules as they made U-turns to avoid the gridlock despite the dotted presence of security officers along all roads leading to the CBD.

Some motorist who had limited knowledge of the alternative routes were forced to drive behind other hoping to get to the city.

“It is a small price compared to the benefits of the marathon, so it is ok.

“Moreover most people have no official duties on Sunday and can afford to stay long on the road,” said Peter Kirwa who had spent an hour from Race Course to town for Sunday service with his family.

Affected routes

Among closed roads included several sections of Uhuru Highway.

The section between Bunyala round about to Lusaka roundabout was closed from 11 pm on Saturday night to 2 pm on Sunday while the section between Bunyala roundabout to University Way roundabout was closed from 4 am to around 11 am.

Sections of Aerodrome, Mombasa and Langata roads and sections of Hile Selassie, Kenyatta and Harambee Avenues closed for most of Sunday morning.

Traffic jams or no traffic jams, it was a great beautiful Sunday. And a small price to pay. The prize was Sh 1.5m.