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Heiress to multi-million shillings Keroche Breweries flaunts Sh550 ‘mitumba’ dress

The heiress to Keroche Breweries, Arnelisa Muigai, has set tongues wagging with revelation that she spent ‘only’ Sh550 on a second-hand dress.

Posing while donning the knee length beige flowery dress, Arnelisa wrote on Instagram that while she has a taste for designer clothes, ‘mitumba’ clothes also have a place in her wardrobe.

“We really do not have to beat ourselves to be seen in labels, designer clothes are good but not all are better than 2nd hand clothes,” she wrote.

Arnelisa further hinted where she most probably bought the beautiful dress by including the hashtag #SupportGikomba in her post.

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The photo was taken inside the offices Nero Company Limited, which produces Executive Still Water and is owed and run by Arnelisa.

Early this year, Arnelisa, who is the first born daughter of Keroche Breweries founder and CEO, Tabitha Karanja, was in the news after announcing her engagement to her fiancé.