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HELB ‘defaulters’ turn up the heat on govt with hilarious responses

February 20th, 2019 2 min read

A statement by Education cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed’s Wednesday that the government would hunt down HELB defaulters using law enforcement agencies has angered many Kenyans.

Ms Mohamed said Sh7.2 billion owed by 74,000 defaulters would be recovered through the help of police and employers.

But jobless Kenyans, who were beneficiaries of the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) funds, have accused the government of being the reason why they were defaulting on payments.

Many described how, since graduating, they have been able to secure jobs because the government’s promise to create employment has never been honoured.

Kendi Maina wrote, “HELB you do not need to hunt me down .Am returning my degree coz it’s not working. You can sell it and get your money back. Thanks.”

Felix Makinda O’Mogendi stated, “Hahaa! Come arrest us. Some of us are too broke to even pay rent. Kindly take us in and feed us.”

Koech Koech commented, “Don’t even hunt for me. Tuma G4S hapa Bomet wakujie Certificate…silipii hizo takataka.”

Mucangi Vincent added, “Offer us job to be able to pay…ama mnunue kidney.”


Brian Okerio wrote, “No need to use government resources to look for us. Niko Eldy mkifika mnicall  ntakuja na cert yangu.”

Juma Victor wondered, “Is Manyani prisons offering this service? I want to report as early as possible, no need to come for me, better stay there than getting huduma number.”

Ndumba Wa Ndumba stated, “Unless we pay with our lives because that’s all we got.”

Gerald Keraro commented, “How do you expect me to repay the loan yet the Government keeps employing grandma and grandpas, recycling retirees. I’m not Paying.”

Elly Mark Ondiek wrote, “It’s only in Kenya that the Commission of University Education issues of a list of useless courses offered in institution of higher then two days later CS Education issues a statement on inclusion of police in hunting loan defaulters who were innocently studying Bachelor of Arts in Joblessness and Frustrations in Jobless Kenya University.”