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Helicopter church in Sh200 scandal

Two worshippers at controversial Pastor Thomas Wahome’s Helicopter of Christ Ministries have had their names expunged from the book of life because of Sh200.

Mr David Ekanyi and Mr Justus Mwangi’s offence was to pocket the money rather than give it to their master after being offered discount on goods they had been sent to buy.

“Pastor Wahome sent us to buy groceries valued at Sh7,000 but we got a discount and decided to share the money. This would see us banished,” said Mr Ekanyi, who has been a member of the church since 2010.

Pastor’s sister

He says he regrets the years of service he has rendered to the Church and wants to be paid for his work. He estimates this to be Sh662,000.

“You cannot sacrifice so much only to end up being disgraced. He must pay for the years I toiled,” he said.

Mr Mwangi said the Sh200 issue only came up because the pastor had been looking for an excuse to send them packing for fear that they would incite other worshippers to rebel.

Although Bishop Wahome admits that the two have been members of his church, he dismisses them as extortionists who failed to live to the expectations of their call.

And on claims by the two that they were also part-time employees and that he was kicking them out because he did not want to pay them, the Pastor says his church relies on volunteers and does not employ anyone.

“They went through my sister, and told her to inform me that I would regret if I did not send them Sh50,000 each. Ekanyi was a volunteer at the church, and he and three other men swindled some money when we sent them for groceries,” he said.

The pastor added that when the two tried to contact him, he referred them to the Labour authorities.

According to Pastor Wahome, the church had been supporting Mr Ekanyi and his family even though the worshipper had been married to someone who was not a Christian.