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Bizarre ‘herbal treatment’ with boiling water claims infant’s life – VIDEO

Police in Kitale have arrested a 22-year-old ‘herbal healer’ after she caused the death of a one-and-a-half year old child by dipping him into boiling water to cure Cerebral palsy.

The ‘herbalist’, who has been identified as Millicent Akinyi, is alleged to have boiled water, put it in a container, added salt, some herbal concoctions and detergent before dipping the child in it.

The child’s mother narrated how she took the child to be healed but the situation turned tragic after the ‘herbalist’ immersed the baby boy in hot water.

“She asked me for the child so that she can heal him, but she ended up dipping him in the hot water. When she lifted the child from the water, I saw that the skin on his stomach and back had peeled off. That’s when I ran out screaming,” the mother narrated.


Neighbours rushed the child to hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries.

The distraught mother added that the ‘herbal healer’ had assured her all was well and that it was the demons in him which were being exorcised.

The ‘herbalist’ will remain in custody for 14 days after the court granted police more time to complete their investigations.