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Herder faces jail time after his dogs killed a didkdik

A Kajiado herder found with a dead dikdik is staring at the possibility of serving a jail term for possession of an animal carcass.

Joshua Ladapash pleaded guilty to possession of the carcass weighing five kilos after he was arraigned at Kibera law courts by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers.

Ladapash told senior resident magistrate Charles Mwaniki through an interpreter that he was arrested at the scene where the animal was killed by his dogs after arriving too late to rescue it.

He said he attempted to rescue the animal before it was eaten by the dogs but found it already dead and was picked up by KWS rangers who arrived immediately.

The carcass was availed at the court as an exhibit.

It was photographed before disposal and only the photos will be presented in court in future.

Ladapash was remanded at Langata police station pending reading of facts of his offence before sentencing later this week.