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Seven bodies exhumed from Kitengela graves

Seven bodies were exhumed from two shallow graves in government-owned land in Kitengela on Monday.

Six of the bodies were found in the first grave that was discovered by herders on Saturday.

Out of the six, two had no heads and are suspected could have been mutilated by hyenas.

The seventh body was exhumed from a separate grave that was discovered by a herd’s boy on Monday morning.

The boy stumbled on a human head and limb 500 meters away from the first mass grave.

The boy reported the revelation to the area assistant chief who notified police and marked the place for exhumation of bodies.

On Monday morning a team of officers arrived at the 2,000 acre government land for the exhumation exercise that had been scheduled for that morning.

Led by the Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, the team started digging out the bodies in the first grave.

Six bodies presumed to be of all males were found piled on top of each other.

The second grave which was in the form of a cave was found harboring one body of a male who was donned in a riders jacket.

Dr Oduor said the bodies will be taken to the city mortuary pending a postmortem and for some DNA.

“I urge all those with missing relatives to visit the city mortuary on Tuesday to help us in identification,” he added.

Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet called on officials in the interior ministry to investigate the killings.

“I urge the government to investigate the activities of Maina Njenga’s Hope International Church as it has been mentioned severally in this recent discovery,” he said.

Senator Mositet added that security has been politicized in the country and that there was need for investigations.

“What we have witnessed today in Kitengela is politics. We cannot allow people to misuse the freedom of worship,” he added.

The first grave was discovered on Saturday by herders in a 2,000 acre farm that belongs to the government and is situated on the border of Machakos and Kajiado counties.

The herders found part of a human hand while grazing their animals and notified the Kitengela police station.

Kajiado County Commissioner Kobia wa Kamau said the killings could be an important piece of the puzzle that is land clashes in Athi River and Kitengela areas.