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Herdsboy fined Sh200K for having sex with a camel

A herdsboy was on Wednesday fined Sh200,000 by a Marsabit court or one year imprisonment for having sex with a camel.

Diba Ali, 19, who appeared before Marsabit Principal Magistrate Boaz Ombewa pleaded guilty to committing bestiality on September 3 at Dirib Gombo location.

The prosecution told the court that the accused was caught in the act by his fellow herdsman Mr Galacha Jillo at around midnight.

The court heard that on the two were resting after grazing livestock belonging to Mr Jattani Galgallo.

Mr Jillo woke up and heard funny noises and saw the accused performing the act on a camel that was tied.

He screamed to alert the neighbours who arrested Ali before informing the owner what had happened.

The accused was taken to a nearby Administration Police camp and thereafter taken to Marsabit police station and charged for unnatural offence.

In his defence, the accused pleaded for leniency saying he was a minor.

The suspect was given 14 days to appeal the judgment.