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Here are the clothes you can’t wear at Catholic University

If you plan to enroll at Catholic University of Eastern Africa any time soon, you may want to familiarize yourself with the institution’s dress code.

A poster showing the kind of clothes acceptable within the varsity’s campuses has been widely shared online.

Rugged jeans are among the banned clothes, along with tops that have a neckline below 4 inches.

Miniskirts above the knee, bare back tops and tights are also forbidden at the Catholic church-sponsored university.

Tumbo cuts, dreadlocks for female students and nose rings are also not allowed.

Male students are not allowed to plait hair, wear ear rings or wear caps during classes.

The poster also illustrated the acceptable dress code.  It includes long skirts, covering tops, properly groomed hair and moderate make-up and perfumes.

Catholic University joins Daystar University that also has a dress code for its students that disallows mini skirts, revealing tops and other similar fashion items.

The two institutions are sponsored by churches.