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Here are Sauti Sol’s all-time favourite hits -VIDEOS

By SYLVANIA AMBANI September 16th, 2016 2 min read

Popular music group Sauti Sol have over the years served their fans with multiple hit songs that have enabled them to not only become the country’s favorite but also get international recognition.

Following the release of their latest video, Kuliko Jana, we take a look at ten of their greatest all time songs that have proven to stand the test of time, in no particular order.

1. Kuliko Jana – They probably do not even need to do any promotional work on the song, Sauti Sol in collaboration with Redfourth choir from Upper hill high school produced an absolute master piece.

2. Soma Soma – It was probably one of their earliest songs, which came before Chimano and Savara (group members of the band) had piercings on their nose, eyebrows and all the other places we do not know about; just check the video and check any recent video of them and you will understand what I mean. The song Soma was also an initiative set up by the band to advocate for education for all youths in Kenya and Africa.

3. Nishike – I believe that this song really helped to push them through to the top. The song was loved and hated in equal measure. Many loved the new light it shone on the group that they are able to cross boundaries and try something different, while the rest condemned their audacity.

4. Still the One – This love ballad was another work of art from Sauti Sol. Known for their love songs and romantic lyrics Still the One has all the markings of being a song that will still be great ten years to come.

5. Lazizi – The use of simple instruments like the guitar in Lazizi, which is Swahili for sweetheart, made for a soft, relaxing tune that can be listened by all age groups.

6. Sura Yako – There is something about this song that will make you to sing along to it, stand up to dance or if to shy just nod your head to the beats of the song.

7. Nerea – Sauti Sol in collaboration with Amos and Josh produced this soft song that although is not a party song, holds a strong message to the society, which makes it very relevant.

8. Shake Your Bum Bum – The song was a breath of fresh air from their usual soft love songs. Shake Your Bum Bum is a typical party song that we will be dancing to for a long time.

9. Isabella – Another master piece love ballad from Sauti Sol that talks about two young love birds who are living the moment and not worrying about what tomorrow brings.

10. Money lover – Either it is talking about real life situations in today’s generation understanding of relationship or the beats, that has a soft tempo that allows someone to dance without breaking a sweat, it will be a long time before we get enough of the song.