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Here are stricter measures govt is taking to tame fast coronavirus spread

The government has taken stricter measures to help curb the spread of the new coronavirus after realising that members of the public were not treating the pandemic with the deserved seriousness.

In addition to the measures already put in place, the state has resorted to more drastic measures announced by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe to contain the spread of the virus.

All international flights will be suspended effective Wednesday 25 at midnight. The only exception will be cargo flights and their crew must observe strict guidelines.

Those coming into the country between Sunday and Wednesday will be expected to undergo a mandatory quarantine at a government designated facility at their own cost.

Kenyans abroad who will not return before the Wednesday window closes, have been advised to observe the strict guidelines issued in the respective countries they reside in.

“Much to our disappointment we have noticed that a majority of our people have continued to ignore these measures and are behaving as if it is business as usual. As I cautioned last week this disease is not a joke,” said Kagwe.

“Kenyans must treat this matter with the seriousness that it deserves by adjusting and changing their lifestyles. If we continue to behave normally this disease will treat us abnormally.”

All persons violating the self-quarantine requirement will now be forced to self-quarantine for 14 days at their cost and thereafter be arrested and charged in accordance with the Public Health Act.

“This will apply to the senior government official in Kilifi (Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi) who defied and refused to self-quarantine who is now being forcibly quarantined in a facility. And upon completion of the period given by our health authorities the person will be charged in a court of law. And this will be followed by each and every person who violates this,” The CS warned

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All bars and other entertainment joints will also remain closed indefinitely from midnight Sunday.

Restaurants will however be allowed to remain open but only to offer take-away services.

On public transport, Kagwe intimated that all PSVs must adhere to the directive issued last week on reduced carrying capacity and fumigation or rist their Sacco license being revoked.

Churches, mosques and funeral gatherings have also been suspended, with funerals however being restricted to immediate family members only, not exceeding 15 people.

“The inspector general of police has been directed to enforce this directive. Having noted the none compliance of individuals, they be in religious organisations or in other social gatherings, the committee has directed the suspension of all church, mosques, funerals and other social gatherings. Funerals however have been restricted to immediate family members only,” Added the CS.