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Here is Darwesh’s final word on love and marriage

December 16th, 2015 1 min read


In what turned out to be his swansong article, fallen news anchor Ahmed Darwesh advised Kenyan women to take matters of their husbands’ diet with the seriousness it deserves.

The late Darwesh also took the opportunity to share important tips on love and marriage in his last weekly column in the Nairobian weekly newspaper.

“Mapenzi yanahitaji ufundi,” (Love requires technique),” Darwesh wrote.

“Those foods you call fast foods, such as burgers, chips and chicken aren’t the type of food you will bank on to maintain your relationship. Infact they will break your relationship,” Darwesh, who owned a string of restaurants that specialize in Swahili dishes, offered.


Darwesh also criticized ladies who cannot “cook black tea or boil an egg” and yet they expect their marriages to blossom.

“Most of the ladies we live with, maybe because of the environment or laziness, cannot even cook black tea or boil an egg, they rely on house helps to do everything.”

The journalist then summarized his 300 word article by declaring; “A man needs care”.

Darwesh, who until his death was an accomplished Swahili news anchor with KTN, was pronounced dead upon arrival at Mater Hospital, Nairobi on Monday evening after he collapsed in his house in South B.

The deceased was laid to rest on Tuesday evening in Mombasa. He leaves behind a widow and three children.