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Here is Kagwe’s Bible quote warning Kenyans ignoring government measures

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has warned Kenyans that things are not getting any better with regard to the fight against coronavirus and hence should stop being misled by others.

Mr Kagwe noted that people leading others astray are becoming a common phenomenon in the society.


To emphasize the consequences of people not adhering to the measures put in place by the government, Mr Kagwe quoted a verse in the Bible to explain on what awaits ignorant individuals.

“Let me remind you, and I quote and this is the case we are seeing today, that ‘whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray,’ that is in the Bible, Proverbs 10:17,” Mr Kagwe said.

“The reason I’m quoting this verse is because the figures that you are hearing today are clear demonstration that things are not getting better, and people who are telling others that things are better are lying to them. And somehow somewhere along the line we seem to have come to a conclusion as a society that things have gone back to normal. Today’s figures show that things are far from normal,” he explained.


The CS also cautioned against stigmatisation of recovered patients, saying that no one is immune to the disease, and therefore everyone needs to show a level of understanding and empathy.

“Nobody should be stigmatised because of that fact that they contracted the disease. I can tell you of a case of a lady who is a member of a church choir, wanted to sing with the choir and because she was positive and turned negative people in the choir were suspicious about whether she should be in the choir or not,” Kagwe said.

“So because anybody can get it, I think what we should have is a lot of understanding, empathy and sympathy so that we do not discriminate against parts of our society,” he went on.