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Here is Kigali’s ultra-modern in-door arena which has mesmerized Kenyans

By Amina Wako August 12th, 2019 2 min read

Stunning photos of Rwanda’s ultra-modern in-door stadium built in six months has mesmerized Kenyans on Twitter.

The indoor stadium, which has a sitting capacity of about 10,000 people, is among Africa’s top 10 indoor sports venues and the biggest in East Africa.

The Kigali Arena, which was inaugurated by President Paul Kagame is a joint venture between the Government of Rwanda and Turkish Investment Company, Summa.

The Kigali Arena is a multi-purpose facility that will be used to host indoor games, but can also host meetings, conferences, exhibitions and concerts.

With the few stadia we have, which have been undergoing renovation for even more than a year, Kenyans had this to say.

“It’s painful to be a Kenyan I tell you. It’s a shame that we always feel like we are among the best performing African country… But tutangangana tu,” @Ziloopi commtented.

“He work can be felt beyond boarders Kenyans should wake up and fight corruption including theft of public resources #TweetForAfrica,” @LfeonBrian tweeted.

“Yes 6 good months No politics just work in progress. Anyway we know our problem. Will fix it one day the day will be tired,” @ammyambrose posted.

“Leave alone nyayo stadium… In Eldoret we have been renovating Kipchoge stadium since 1996…without anything happening in it,” said @jackmpekuzzy97

“Nice work for Paul Kagame. Otherwise yetu is only manipulated by corrupt fellows to satisfy their greed. we are killing sports and talents in Kenya,” posted @kipkiruivicto15

“Kenya is only about fake promises,” @ronniechirchir tweeted.

“We have no pride @CarolRadull. It irks me,” lamented @CynMumbo.

“Imagine if that country had a seaport!” @fredsambu added.