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Here is Rev Njoya’s advise to Kenyan men who want to live longer

Men, if you want to live longer, start doing house chores. At least this is according to vocal retired cleric Rev Timothy Njoya.

Reverend Njoya was responding to a question directed at him by a tweep who identifies herself as Mama Fruits on Twitter.

Mama Fruits wanted to know who between a man and a woman in a marriage is supposed to do the house chores.

“Hey @timothynjoya in marriage, who is supposed to do the house chores?” asked @mamafruits.

The Rev Njoya aptly responded by saying that the reason why most men die at the age of 21 to 31 is because of laziness and leaving the woman to do everything in the house.

“MAMA FRUITS: By wives washing men’s clothes, houses and boots, cooking for them and cleaning the compound for them reduce the homes into animal orphanage, zoo and male HDU. This leads men too atrophy and die 21-31 years earlier than women. Nature hates indolence,” replied Rev Njoya.

Last year Rev Njoya made headlines after leading an army of lawyer to court to fight for the clitoris. The cleric has been instrumental in the fight against female circumcision to the extent of stating that he would soon launch a book titled, The Divinity of the Clitoris.