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Here is Sonko’s ‘little’ piece of paradise

In the latest of his public display of affluence, flamboyant Nairobi Senator Gideon Mbuvi aka Mike Sonko has surprised the Kenyan public with a glimpse of his palatial home, christened Sonko’s Family Farm, Mua.

The entrance to Sonko's Family, Farm, Mua
The entrance to Sonko’s Family, Farm, Mua

Sonko’s palatial rural home, located between Makutano Junction and Machakos Town, came into public focus for the first time ever during the burial of the senator’s father Gideon Kioko Kivanguli who died last month in a Nairobi hospital.

Sonko’s Family Farm, Mua

The senator, who is widely known for his philanthropic and spendthrift nature, has since shared photos of his home in its grand opulence on social media.