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Businessman who protested police harassment in full-page ad

A Nairobi-based businessman has paid a full-page advertisement to protest against the police for alleged illegal eviction.

In an advertisement carried in Wednesday’s Daily Nation, businessman Mr Mukhtar Ahmed claimed that Administration Police (AP) officers have raided his shop on Luthuli Avenue three times since Saturday.

The advertisement is directed to President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is seeking the President’s intervention in the matter.

Mr Ahmed claims that the APs, accompanied by 30 men, raided his shop and took electronic goods worth Sh20 million last Saturday.

Businessman Mr Mukhtar Ahmed at his shop on Luthuli Avenue.
Businessman Mr Mukhtar Ahmed at his shop on Luthuli Avenue.

He said the police returned on Sunday and removed all doors in the shop. They returned on Monday and evicted him from the premises.

The businessman claims that the APs produced a court order that was not genuine and which was defective because it had been sealed three months before the application date.

He listed three names of senior police officers he tried to contact over the eviction, saying that they did not offer any assistance.

“What has happened to me in the last four days should not be happening in Kenya. The rule of law must be respected by everyone including the police,” he said.

When Nairobi News contacted Mr Ahmed on Wednesday morning, he said that he will address a press conference later in the day to update the public about the progress of the investigation.

The National Police Service spokesperson George Kinoti on Wednesday said they had launched investigations into the businessman’s complaints.