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Here is the Nairobi designer who dressed Lupita

When Lupita Nyong’o landed in Kisumu last week, she received a rousing welcome especially from the people of Seme, her village where she spent most of her day.

Kenya’s Hollywood star was home, and on that day as part of celebrating being home, she chose to wear an outfit by a Kenyan designer.

Few people were aware of the fact that the pink jacket that was matched with a hand embroidered and printed flowered skirt was by Deepa Dosajo whose design house goes by the same name.

“It was a dream come true for me. Lupita is one of the people I have looked forward to dressing and she is on my vision board,” said Ms Dosajo in an interview at her store where she showed me a photo of her vision board. And yes, Lupita is on it with the words “Africa rising” next to the cutout.


“We are very proud as a Kenyan company that we got to dress our international fashion icon,” said Ms Dosajo.

The story of the 40-something-year-old mother of three is one of believing in yourself, not giving up and finding another door when one closes.

She tells the story of how Ann McCreath of Kiko Romeo contacted designers over the weekend and asked them to drop their designs at her shop by the Monday afternoon as she was meeting with Lupita’s stylist – Micaela Erlanger.

Ms Dosajo did not meet the deadline but instead of giving up, she and her husband opted to google Lupita’s stylist and they got a contact.

On Monday evening, they sent out an email to Micaela, introducing herself and her design house.

To her utter joy, she got a positive email on Tuesday morning and by lunch time, she dropped four outfits at the Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel reception where Lupita and her team were staying.

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SOURCE: Business Daily