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Here is the new seating arrangement in matatus

Some Nairobi matatus have come up with a new seating arrangement in line with the government order which limits the number of passengers in all public service vehicles.

Some matatu operators now have a new design in their matatus as they try and maximise space their vehicles to comply with the guidelines.


The new seating arrangement allows for social distancing while at the same time allowing the operators make some extra money.

The seating arrangement consists of three separate seats per row, as opposed to four seats per row as was previously the case.

The operators say that the new seating arrangement works for them as they can now accommodate 24 passengers as opposed to 17 passengers as directed by the government.


They also say the new arrangement allows operators to uphold hygiene standards and undertake fumigation with ease.

Last week, Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia issued new guidelines for Public Service Vehicles (PSV) by relaxing Covid-19 protocols put in place in March.

In the new guidelines, the government will now allow PSVs to increase the number of passengers onboard.