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Here is what Kenyans thought of Uhuru’s SOTN address

Kenyans on Thursday were a disappointed lot after President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered this year’s State of the Nation address.

In almost every speech, the President has been talking tough on corruption. It was therefore disappointing to most Kenyans when yet again issued a warning to the corrupt.

“I am well aware of the task ahead of us, no doubt, is enormous. But there is no turning back in our quest to transform our national economy to become truly an engine for creating jobs and opportunities for Kenyans,” the president said.

“There is no turning back on the war against corruption as it is a just war, a war to prevent misuse of public resources for selfish interests by those we have entrusted to manage them,” he said.

In last year’s address, he had acknowledged that there had been a challenge in the use of public resources where some individuals had fraudulently diverted resources to benefit themselves instead of Kenyans.

Here is what Kenyans said about this year’s address.