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Here is why Kenyans believe Baba helped Jowie regain his freedom

Murder suspect Joseph Irungu alias Jowie is one of the few people who can look forward to celebrate Valentine’s Day after he was granted bail, and all this is thanks to ODM party leader Raila Odinga, at least this is according to Kenyans online.

Jowie was freed on Thursday morning on a Sh2 million cash bail by High Court judge James Wakiaga after filing a petition requesting to be freed on bond pending trial.

The court ruling came as a surprise to many since Jowie had in the past been denied bond.

However, cheeky Kenyans have credited Odinga for the court ruling in Jowie’s favour.

It all has to do to with Odinga’s actions on while eulogizing the late President Daniel arap Moi during the burial ceremony on Wednesday in Kabarak.

Odinga chose to bid farewell to the late president the traditional way reserved for heroic leaders by the Luo.

Odinga conclude his brief tribute to Moi with a praise song that he ended by chanting Jowi! Jowo! Jowi! as he waved a black fly whisk.

He then walked over to Moi’s casket and repeated waved the fly whisk in a gentle motion before taking a bow.

While by chanting jowi (buffalo in Dholuo) Odinga was praising Mzee Moi the Luo way, Kenyans online have interpreted it otherwise following Jowie’s bail grant.

Here are some of their thoughts: