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Here’s Mutua’s good news for thirsty Machakos residents

Machakos will lift the ban on the delivery of alcohol in the county beginning next week.

However, Governor Dr Alfred Mutua on Friday said that this will only happen if the residents follow the outlined prevention measures by the Ministry of Health on social distancing when enjoying their drinks.

He said the existing habit where a number of people had been meeting inside closed bars to drink should stop.

“We stopped temporarily the distribution of alcohol because pombe ilikuwa inakuja, inasimama nje ya bar, bar imefungwa lakini stock zinaletwa kila siku,” Dr Mutua said.

He added: “Tukaona kuna shida, so we are planning to relax it so that now alcohol vehicles can come but not to closed bars. So that other people can have their drinks as we really keep distance.”

The alcohol trucks are to be allowed back in the county from next week May 26, at targeted areas.

Dr Mutua said that his government supports the efforts being put in by the national government in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

“We have washed hands so many times today, we have sanitised even Waziri I think umenotice chakula is tasting different nowadays kwa sababu watu wanaoga mikono sana, because we are now a cleaner and healthier nation,” Dr Mutua explained.

“As a county, we support what the national government is doing. We are on the highway from Mombasa, we do not allow trucks to stop in Machakos for long, only 30 minutes,” he went on.

The ban on distribution of alcohol in Machakos County has been in effect since April 22, 2020.

The ban was aimed at curbing the operations of some bars that have been operating illegally by allowing patrons to drink behind closed doors.