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Here’s Tedd Josiah’s advice to socialites on ‘high mileage’ before marriage – VIDEO

By EDDY KAGERA January 5th, 2018 1 min read

Music producer Tedd Josiah has torn into women who are fond of sleeping around with different men telling them it’s not cool.

In an impassioned video rant posted on Facebook, Tedd wondered: “What are you leaving in your soul for the person who you will settle down with?”

He went on: “Don’t burn your candle of passion, love & happiness out by sleeping with thousands of men and end up leaving ZERO for the person you end up settling down with. He will notice and u will have a failed relationship.”

He advised the women to “leave something for that special someone” and not end up with 52 men -one every single weekend of the year- “on your various holidays”.


“You’ve been to 52 different places and when it’s time to settle down, the person you’re trying to settle down with, you’re actually just trying to chill but you can’t do all those fascinating things with that person because you’ve done it all with different people because one guy has x amount of money and they can afford to take you abroad for a weekend. But which guy who is in his early or late 30s who you marry has that kind of money?” he wondered.

But self-appointed The Kenya Sex Party leader Kingwa Kamencu differed with the advice calling it “mischievous” and intended to deny women pleasure.

“Ladies, sleeping with 52 different men in 52 different hotels in a year is good for you, it is in fact below the recommended number. The Kenya Sex Party advises that you should not listen to what this man says,” she charged.

“If it was not so good, he would be addressing men but his intent is mischievous and aimed at denying women pleasure.”