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Here’s the real reason women are dreaming about sex

Ladies, the cat is out of the bag! We now know what you have been dreaming about!

This is according to findings of an interesting new study which suggest that women today spend just as much time as men, dreaming about sex. Turns out that the sexes are not so different after all! The common assumption has been that men are much more interested in sex but it turns out that we may all be wrong.

From the study carried out by University of Freiburg in Germany, when it comes to today’s woman and how uninhibited she can get, times have certainly changed. Young women today are having three times as many erotic dreams as their grandmothers did 50 years ago. The researchers describe erotic dreams as those ones that are sexually motivated and may include scenes of kissing or flirting.

More than one in five dreams experienced by a young woman today are erotic in nature, three or four times the number of dreams that women have about other things like politics or sports.
Why the erotic dreams?


Women aged between 16 and 30 have the highest rate of erotic dreams. The researchers speculate that women today deal with sexuality more openly than women from older generations.

According to psychologists, women are dreaming about sex more not because they are more sexual than the previous generations but because they are no longer ashamed about admitting to such dreams.

This is definitely something to celebrate especially for women who have been longing for a level playing field when it comes to dating.

Women today are also more likely to remember their erotic dreams than the women from previous generations. The better a woman feels about an erotic dream, the more likely she is to dream about it.

What the research which has been published in the journal Psychology & Sexuality did not cover is the kind of dreams the men are having in comparison which, if these findings are anything to go by, may not be that different after all.

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