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Here’s the shameful reason why Ethic’s club banger ‘Figa’ was pulled down from YouTube

From being one of the most new popular music groups, Ethic’s once bright career appear to be taking a turn for the worst.

Ethic Entertainment made up of four young men namely, Swat, Rekles, Zilladropa, and Seska are now in more trouble with their latest song ‘Figa’.

This is after Kenyans were able to unearth a serious problem with the song, which has since been deleted from YouTube. The beats to the song were ripped off a song titled ‘Cono’, sang by Dutch rapper Jhorrmountain in collaboration with Puri and Adje.

Cono was released in December 9, 2017. And although it has no video, the song has more than 25 million views on YouTube. Ethic has accelerated to more than one million views in just two months.


The quiet disappearance of the song has caused a chatter on social media as Kenyans now conclude that it was not by accident. Many Kenyans camped on Cono with comments trolling Ethic.

“I’ve heard this beat before but I can’t figa it out,” said Newton Muthuri.

“Kama uko hapa after ethic pull down. Piga like kakisonga,” stated two minute movie scene.

“Gonga like if you here after the figa ban,” wrote Keith Kipkoech.

“Kenyan producers are trash wallai,” commented Watson Gitau.

“Naskiza hii song but the words in my head ni “mbulu luku washa kindukulu”,” said Ed K.

Ethic released their song ‘Figa’ in June this year. The song was positively received to the point of attracting the attention of celebrated Jamaican dance hall singer Konshens after Homeboyz radio presenter G Money did a remix of the song.


In addition, he said that he was interested in working with the artistes and was looking forward to perform alongside Ethic on his upcoming concert scheduled to take place in Nairobi next month.

However, trouble started for the ‘Lamba Lolo’ hit-makers when earlier this month the song which would have probably put them on the map mysteriously disappeared from Youtube.

Since then, Ethic has not publicly come out to give a statement.

Compare the two songs:

Puri x Jhorrmountain x Adje – Coño

Ethic’s Figa