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Here’s the world’s most expensive baby

September 5th, 2015 1 min read

At just four months old royal baby Princess Charlotte is reportedly worth $5 billion (Sh530 billion), according to CNN money.

Princess Charlotte is the second both child of Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband crown Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. The couple’s other child is two-year old Prince George of Cambridge.

The report on Princess Charlotte’s worth shouldn’t however be confused with net worth considering the royal family has an estimated net worth of $87 billion (Sh 9.2 trillion).


The Sh500 billion is in relation to how much money is being pumped into the British economy as a direct result of the princess.

It’s even more impressive because the royal baby has only been seen in public twice, the day after she was born and her christening.

Pretty much anything associated with Charlotte is economic gold for fans of the royal family.

There have been reports that the Sh10,000 shawl she wore after being born has been selling fast and the vintage pram used at her christening has seen a sales craze.