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Here’s what you need if you wish to attend burial outside lockdown counties

A person wishing to attend a funeral outside a county that has restriction of movement must obtain a signed and stamped letter from his area OCS and Chief.

They should also present an original burial permit.

This is according to a statement shared by Nairobi Police commander James Thathi saying that the above also applies to individuals wishing to travel with the deceased.

“Requirements for application to attend burial outside lockdown area include: original burial permit, letter singed and stamped by area OCS, letter signed and stamped by area chief, the application letters must be typed,” Mr Thathi said.

Those whose kin has died outside a county under “lockdown” and require to travel to attend the burial must obtain a letter from county police commander.

Also only five people, including the driver, are authorised to travel.

Truck drivers or cargo transporters should have with them the contract letter from supplier, and only three persons are allowed to travel.

Government officials should have a letter from respective employer.

“Cargo transporters are required to have a contract letter from supplier and three persons only allowed to travel. Government officials is required to have a letter from their employer,” Mr Thathi explained.

A group of people were arrested on Saturday in Homa Bay after it was discovered that they were travelling with an empty coffin under the pretext of heading to a burial.

The driver of the private vehicle they were travelling in later tested positive for Covid-19.